How To Trap A Leprechaun

The paddy don’t start until Jocey walks in!   Sorry, I pun way too much.

From the green-clad leprechauns to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, there’s no denying that St. Patrick’s Day is a favorite holiday among children. From the bright colors and shamrocks to the traditional parades, this holiday is sure to put a smile on any kid’s face. I’ve previously mentioned that we go all out for holidays/events, mainly because of the kids. They can find joy in the smallest moments and we should all learn from their example.

Jocelyn in particular likes to go all out. She’s 6. A few years ago she started getting excited about St. Patrick’s Day.  Normally it was never a big one for me but she said we had to learn how to make a leprechaun trap because she insisted one would want to live with us (more on that in a moment) and become a member of our family.

(If you want to see what we are going to do next year, this one is awesome!) Link


So off we went to Dollarama.  Our supplies:


*Large felt leprechaun hat


*Green paint

*Stickers, decor

*Gold coins

*Popsicle sticks


You’ll also need a big piece of cardboard, toilet paper roll and some heavy duty paper.

First, we cut a hole on the top of the hat, which was placed on the cardboard.  Then you build a ladder out of popsicle sticks. The ladder goes to the top of the hat. Then inside the hat place the toilet paper roll. That acts as a slide for the little rascal.


The messy part is the actual trap.  We mixed soap (has to be fluffy soap from Bath and Body, according to little miss) green paint and glue.  That gets placed on a little paper plate. Hat gets placed on top. It’s a sticky, icky mess!


After that, comes the lure and décor. We lure the leprechaun with the gold coins. And plaster some pretty stickers so he’s distracted.


Leave the trap out and hope for the best!


Now here’s where it gets weird. The night before, I asked Jocey what would she do with the leprechaun once caught.


“Well we will starve him, no sleep and has to clean my room every day”


Ummmmmm.  I’ll leave that there.


Twisted much?


Happy St Patty’s Day, friends, Now go Shamrock & Roll!

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