Threenager, His Name Is Cash

Terrible twos flew by with little fanfare. I’m in a whole new world now.  I don’t know if he’s been picking up on my recent stress? Molars? Hates potty training? (based on him pooping on the floor last week, I’ll vote yes on that) All the above? Throw in some “momming so hard” quotes, a glass of wine and boom, I call it a day?

Cash is still not potty trained. We thought we were in the home stretch but its the #2 issue. He just refuses. A lot of friends have said to leave it, don’t stress. But it’s me. I stress over bowels I can’t help it.

What age was toughest in your house? Can you make me feel better by voting 3? I would love to hear about how you navigated through this age.

I was chatting with my mom while on holidays and she said by far, the teen years were the toughest when she looks back. Not for me, are you kidding? ANGEL DAUGHTER right here.  But she said my brother was kind enough to pave the way haha.  Parties, you know, typical teen behavior.  We were laughing over our memories of that first night Mick got drunk.  Oh my goodness my poor parents. All I recall is mom being so livid she told me to go get the broom (don’t ask me why) and she was poking him with it, telling him to get up off the floor.
I can’t and don’t want to fast-forward in my brain to when my kids are teens.  As much as right now is tough… I will be a complete psycho when they’re 13.

So Threenager it is!

Good things he’s so full of love. So even if he draws on the walls he covers me in kisses after.

All my love, Shauna


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