Groundhog Day… Again

Two years. It was two years ago today our world was flipped upside down.  We had just returned home from PV (in the nick of time, as it turned out) and our province shut down. And two years almost to the day… we traveled there again for the first time.  Some days I still feel like we are in a weird dream. You?

Tell me, has it gone by fast for you? Painstakingly slow? A blur? All in one?!

And I’ve talked about it before: I really do think despite all the sadness/loss/uncertainty of Covid— I am grateful for the little gifts it gave me. Time. Bonding. The ability to say “no” without as much guilt. Are you taking any C-gifts away with you? I would love to know.

I’ve grown to cherish the smaller moments in life a lot more. I just recently lost an uncle to Covid and the one thing my cousins kept repeating is the unexpectedness of life. It truly is a gift and when it is taken away, it’s devastating to think of the moments that slipped away without acknowledging at the time just how sweet and precious they were.

It’s funny because Covid gave us the gift of all the time in the world.. yet I’m still unsure I used it well?

Cheers (I think?!) to making it 2 years. I am filled with joy and appreciation for YOU & our friendship!



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