Tots and Travel

Living their best lives!

But can I take a lot of the credit?  Kidding/not kidding!

Packing for any trip makes up half of my stress when travelling. But I’ve been given some awesome advice over the years on how to pack for a family (you can ask him yourself, Jeff contributed approx. 7% to this effort) and save a tiny bit of sanity 🙌🏼

1. Roll em up! My mom (who used to own a travel agency & knows her luggage) insists I roll all the clothes. Saves room, keeps things wrinkle free.
2. Ziplocs, all sizes. For everything. Earrings, crafts, important documents, sanitizers
3. Entertainment. This is what brings me the most stress. Stickers, cards, crafts, small Dollarama toys— and the coolest advice (thx @jillianmooreyxe) wrap these pieces as though they are gifts!  Kids love gifts!
4. More is more. But less freaks me out. So yes, I overpack essentials like swim gear, diapers, snacks. Snacks. Are. Life
5. WIPES!  Lysol & unscented
6. Plastic bags… because garbage is everywhere if you’re a travelling pigpen like we are
7. Splurge on laundry services. Come home with a suitcase of clean clothes. What a timesaver & it’s typically very inexpensive
8. Meds for all situations. For adults & the kids. It helps calm my anxiety knowing I have pills for anything, a thermometer too
9. Small hard candies. Again for me, another stress buster, helps me focus & eases nausea. But also helps with airplane trips for kids ears
10. Minimize shoes. I know… say what?! You eat a plate of crazy for breakfast, Foster?! But seriously. They take up the most bulk and you only wind up wearing one or two faves

Any other great packing/travel advice? Would love to hear!

As stressful as it is, we are loving having this opportunity to make memories not only with our kids but our parents as well.  Time is precious, friends. I think we’ve all realized that in these last couple years of uncertainty.

Happy Saturday, friends!


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