Mama Bear

Shauna with family

All the emotions over here: the kids are going on their first trip without me today.

I know it seems so silly—but with an 18 month long pandemic in a 2 year old Cash’s life—my little man has never really been away from me. I can’t go pee without him following me. I’m driving the kids to Davidson where they’ll head off with Granny & Grandpa back to the Balgonie ranch.

They are SO excited. Cashie doesn’t grasp the details yet but feels Jocey’s vibes and knows something big is up.

I’ve had a bad tummy for days & I’m pretty sure it’s my anxiety. Yes I know they’ll be well taken care of, activities & treats galore. It’s just my own mom-gut… you know?

Wish us all luck! Granny & Gramps are going to have their hands full. My kids come in HOT!


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