New Week, New Goals

Shauna Foster

New week, new goals? My goal = “do our best” ✨

And not strangle each other. Kidding. My body is now officially made up of coffee & dry shampoo 😛

I felt like I had to apologize yesterday. To you. I know my stories & page have been slower, or absent all together, sad. Jeff asked me if I lost a bunch of followers after posting about Covid. I said “nah, why would that happen?” Sure enough he was right. I don’t care about numbers. I’m here for connections, with YOU. But we found it interesting, on the timing.

I wish I could always be joyful & light. I really do. And 90% of the time I am. But some days just suck the big balogna & I appreciate you being here for the ups and downs. All I keep thinking of are families who are in and out of hospital, with critically ill moms, dads and kids. My heart is with you 🤍

We are really motivated to have a better second week in isolation here. Less fevers & tears. I’m banking on it! 🙌🏼

Tell me something good in your life! Give it to me!

Photo by Jocey, a couple weeks ago. She takes majority of my pics btw. Pretty much runs my insta, so send any complaints her way.


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