What Have I Got Myself Into..

Remember when I said I would never EVER run the half marathon again?

I signed up for the half marathon again.

Bahhhh! I don’t know what changed. I had months of aches, pains & every treatment imaginable after my 2020 half. But 1) I feel stronger. And 2) I like having goals. I talked to Jeff (the sponge to all my complaints) & he’s got my back again. Literally. Will be rubbing my back….

I’m going into this year with a different mindset. I’m happy to walk parts of it, a walk/run pattern would be fantastic. I’m pushing myself—but in a healthier way. Physically, I need to listen to my body more, as it’s a gift that needs to be handled with care. I feel that more than ever in this pandemic, with the vaccine coming closer my way in the next few weeks. I’ll be working with the amazing team @saskmarathon, my chiro, massage, you name it. And if something changes in the coming weeks, I’m ok with it. Because us type A’s are amazing with change right?

So here I go! I’ve been running outdoors all winter but now the real work begins. These coming weeks will mean a huge time commitment, impacting the whole family.

Do you have a goal, a little hill or a big mountain you’d like to blast over? I’d love to hear about it, drop me a comment. (PS. I really want to re-do our bedroom. I love our bed but the frame is dented & scratched from moving, I’m sick of the decor, you know how I get 😉

Happy Monday, friends!


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