The Covid Files.. Year One

One Year Ago..

I posted this exact photo around the time I realized life would be changing. And rapidly. Look how little Cash is. We had just got home from Mexico, I had the Juno red carpet to host. And poof. Agonizing decisions we had to make, slow days… followed by months that flashed by. And here we are, one year of Covid.

For me, I choose to look at the year as an unexpected gift. “Normal Shauna”—I don’t slow down. Ever. “Covid Shauna” was forced to. And I can’t tell you how much I loved being home more, present in my kids’ lives. I will always treasure the gift of time this year gave me. As a family we have been focusing on showing kindness, accepting others because we know there are struggles. Exploring our beautiful city & province. I’m so proud of my kids, especially Jocelyn, in how she’s rolled with this year of change in her little world.

That’s not to say I haven’t felt extreme frustration, hurt, anxiety… all that was mixed in. We miss hugging. We miss our family and friends just like everyone else.

Tell me about your year. The positives, the negatives, what’s changed. Did good things happen? I want to share in your experience 🤍

So, I say we “cheers” for making it. Love you all. Thanks for being here during the wildest ride of our lives!


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