Our Life Flipped Upside Down

Shauna Foster with Jeff and kids
Our babies have Covid. So that’s been our week.

I never imagined we’d be here? I wasn’t even sure I would share this. But it’s me, you know me. I’m an open book. And so many families are in this crap-canoe.

Jocey turns 6 next week and her party is now cancelled. Her classroom has moved online. This all stinks, especially when you’re a kid! We’ve been scared, sick, stressed, sad. I’ve even felt embarrassed. We’ve done all the right things & yet here we are. 10 day lockdown is on. We’ve already been home together since last Saturday. So what I’m really saying here: Send. Mama. Wine!

For the thousands of health care workers: we see you. We are beyond grateful for you. We’ve met the most incredible nurses just in this last week alone. You are angels

Here’s my big fear that continues to keep me up: What will kids remember & take away from this? As it drags on, I know Jocey won’t forget it, like I’d once hoped.

Please stay safe & healthy my friends. Take care of each other. We have a village helping us & are so fortunate. This virus is a sneaky a-hole. Love you


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